Offering Top-Notch Tree Trimming Services in Marietta, GA

Rely on us to keep your trees healthy and strong

To keep your trees strong and beautiful, hire Leo's Tree Service for tree branch trimming services in Marietta, GA. We'll encourage healthy growth by trimming and shaping the trees, shrubs and hedges on your property. We'll also keep an eye out for potential dangers related to dead branches, decay or insect infestations.

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What are the benefits of tree trimming services?

Tree trimming is a great way to enhance the natural beauty of your trees. But removing dead, diseased, dense or scraggly branches can also:

  • Allow sunlight and rain to pass through
  • Boost the overall health of your tree
  • Reduce the risk of property damage
To learn more about the benefits of our tree branch trimming services, contact us now at 404-319-6375.

Here's what we can do for you

Do you have unruly greenery that needs to be cut back? Leave those complicated tree trimming jobs to the experts at Leo's Tree Service in Marietta, GA. We can trim:

Tall, bushy privacy hedges and shrubs
Privacy trees with expansive canopies that need to be controlled
Woody trees like Crepe Myrtles that need to be cut back regularly

We have the training and tools to complete the job to your satisfaction. You'll be impressed by our industry knowledge and detailed results. Call us to schedule your tree branch trimming services. We look forward to speaking to you.