Tear Down Unwanted Trees

Arrange for our tree removal services in Marietta, GA

Are you worried that a tree is growing a little too close to your home? Turn to Leo's Tree Service for tree removal services in Marietta, GA. Our team can determine the safest way to remove an unwanted or hazardous tree. We can even use a crane to carefully handle tall trees.

Connect with us today to schedule a dead tree removal. Keep in mind that we offer 24/7 services to deal with emergency situations.

When do you need to have a tree removed?

Not sure when you need to seek tree removal services? Contact our team right away if your tree is...

  • Rotting or infested with insects
  • Leaning or taking up too much yard space
  • Cracked or hollow through the trunk
  • Blocking you from completing a project
  • Getting too close to your home
Please let us know if you'd like to learn more about our dead tree removal process. We're happy to go over all of your questions.

What to expect from our team

Our team is happy to help our Marietta, GA community clear their yards of dead trees. When you schedule our tree removal services, you can expect our crew to...

Assess the area
Attain needed permits
Bring our crane to the site

We'll start from the top of your tree and work our way down. You can trust us to be careful and not cause additional damage to your property. And since we own our own crane, you won't need to wait for a rental to become available. You'll enjoy a cleaner, safer yard when we're through.

Schedule your dead tree removal today.